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Shiva Amvaj Temperature Controller 96

Shiva Amvaj Temperature Controller 96 using PID controller and K-type thermocouple to measures temperature high accuracy.

Features Shiva Amvaj Temperature Controller 96

  • Controls temperature via PID or on/off control modes
  • Display
     • PV: Process Value
     • SV: Setpoint Value
  • Indicators
     • UP: temperature rise
     • Down: temperature fall
     • Auto Tuning: automatically sets PID controller parameters
     • Relay: relay connect
     • Alarm: alarm relay connect (blinking)

  • Measures temperature with an accuracy of 1 o C
  • Adjusts relay connect/disconnect temperature in controller ON/OFF modes
  • Detects sensor disconnection
  • Adjusts alarm relay connect/disconnect band (HYSTERESIS)
• Device calibration according to the desired refrence

Weight 315 g
Dimensions 115 × 96 × 96 mm
Power supply voltage

180-250 AC voltage and 60-50 Hz

Measurement range

1350..100- ° C

Sensor type

Thermocuple K

Performance in

Temperature: 65 + .. 20- and humidity: 70%


Two 10 amp relays


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